On a day where Jason Pierre-Paul once again dominated the headlines, the Giants defensive end sent out the first video with a glimpse of his hand. 

"God can turn any situation around for the better," Pierre-Paul wrote on his Instagram account. "Your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don't believe the hype ... Be back soon!"

The post comes roughly six hours after ESPN's Dan Graziano reported that Pierre-Paul is missing the tip of his thumb and that the lineman had his middle finger operated on, just three days before he went to the Giants facility for them to evaluate his physical situation.

It's been known that Pierre-Paul's right index finger was amputated after the fourth of July incident but the exact status of his hand's function or future has been nothing but a question mark.

Pierre-Paul left New York last week and went back to Florida, not satisfied with the Giants analysis that he would miss a minimum of four weeks before returning.