Ron Jaworski is a Super Bowl Quarterback, NFL Analyst and AFL team owner just to name a few of his achievements. Jaworski is in town to unveil the name of the Albany Arena Football team. While he's here let's pick his brain on the Super Bowl and the New York Giants new head coach Pat Shurmur.

First things first the Albany Arena team will be known as the Albany Empire! The team name is not the Night Mares like I hoped but I like the art work and I like the vibe behind the Empire.

It's not super surprising that after Jaws broke down all the film from the AFC and NFC Championship he believes Tom Brady having a clean pocket will be key to the Patriots ability to throw the ball and beat the Eagles.

Finally Jaws shared a story about how when he was part of the committee that ended up naming Doug Pederson the new Eagles coach. During the process they interviewed several candidates and one that stood out and made a great impression was new Giants' coach Pat Shurmur.

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