The New York Jets need a quarterback beside Geno Smith if they intend to cut Mark Sanchez, which is the most realistic option at this point.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Here's's ranking of the possible starting quarterbacks that are available:
1. Michael Vick
2. Matt Cassel
3. Josh Freeman
4. Josh McCown

The Jets have reportedly have interest in Vick and McCown. Cassel could be a realistic option although I'd stay away from Freeman if I was Gang Green - like Vick, it's hard to believe he would just blend in as a possible backup.

If the Jets are looking for a solid backup only, and not someone to possibly be better than Smith, then maybe the Jets would like to welcome back Chad Henne? Probably not.

If Tarvaris Jackson, Shaun Hill, Kellen Clemens or Derek Anderson comes rolling across the desk of John Idzik, you might as well save money and go the Colt McCoy / Matt Flynn route because of any of those guys are better than Geno than you're in the market for a starter next year either way.

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