The New York Jets have FIVE primetime games this season.... Full breakdown of the schedule here.

Weeks 1-4: The Jets draw three playoff teams in the first four weeks. That can't be too fun, but at least they get the best of those two teams (Bengals and Seahawks) at home. They also travel to Kansas City, one of the toughest places to play in the league. A cool note is that Thursday's Week 2 game against the Bills will be live streamed on Twitter.

Weeks 5-7: These don't get any easier for the Jets, who travel to Pittsburgh and Arizona in Week 5-6. That's two more playoff teams giving the Jets five playoff opponents in the first six weeks. The Ravens in Week 7? Don't count them as an easy win either since they'll have Joe Flacco, Steve Smith and Justin Forsett back.

Weeks 8-12: This is the definite soft spot in the schedule as the Browns and Dolphins are both winnable games, but both are on the road so you never know. The Rams at home is also winnable and then a nicely-placed bye before the first matchup with the Patriots helps as well.

Weeks 13-END: Two matchups with the Patriots, a date with Andrew Luck and a trip across the country to San Fran? Good luck.

All in all, this is a brutal Jets schedule... The first seven weeks are unbearable and the last five are almost as bad. Good luck in that middle portion...