There seems to be no love lost and no shortage of drama between the New York Jets and superstar Safety Jamal Adams. Off and on over the last few years, Adams has voiced his displeasure with the Jets, normally focusing on his rookie contract and lack of a big-money extension. Last week the dispute really amped up as Adams went to social media to respond to a fan that had issues with Adams wanted an early pay increase. Since then we've heard that Adams now wants to be traded and he's even been kind enough to release a list of teams he'd like to go to. Finally, Adams was videoed in public saying he's trying to get to the Dallas Cowboys.

Once Adams' Instagram post went viral it seemed there was no looking back. Next, we got word of teams that the Jets' Safety wanted to be traded to and fans on those teams started trying to figure out trade scenarios. Then a Twitter user named "Jackson" posted this video of Adams.

It seems that we're getting farther and farther away from a friendly reunion between Jamal Adams and the New York Jets.

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