The New York Jets trading star Safety Jamal Adams was far less surprising than it should have been. Normally a player as talented as Adams is someone you build around and help he's a key piece to a great defense for years to come but when that same player repeatedly demands a new contract, insults the team owner, GM, and Head Coach you almost have to see what you can get for him on the trade market. The downside is normally all of that drama would cause a buyer's market and greatly reduce the return. That doesn't seem to be the case here as the Jets and Seattle Seahawks worked out a Win-Win of a trade.

The Jets send Adams and 4th round pick in the 2022 draft for a 1st and 3rd in 2021 and a 1st in 2022 and Safety Bradley McDougald

It's never easy to give up a player the caliber of Jamal Adams but when his extremely vocal discontent could spill into the locker room and cause a rift you have to appease him or trade him. When appeasing him is a monster contract two years before he's up for one that's a tough pill to swallow. Two first-round picks for a GM like Joe Douglas that you gave a 6-year deal to is a big win. You hired Douglas for his ability to scout young talent and now he has FOUR first-round picks over the next two years to work with. If he's the GM Jets fans hope he is this could be a really big deal.

Now I know many will say this deal should have been done before this year's NFL draft but I'm not so sure. Remember you're going into a season where the Patriots no longer have Tom Brady and the Dolphins are a very young team. There's a chance you're competing for the AFC East. Also with the coronavirus disrupting almost all team activities not all teams were willing to give this kind of haul pre-draft. Only time will tell how these picks turn out but right now Adams is happy in his new home and the Jets have one less critic in their own locker room.

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