I was settling down with a big plate of pulled pork, ready to watch some NFL. I had a rough night the night prior; I had a stomach virus that sidelined me most of the weekend. I was the Pepto Bismol commercial.  My week 15 journey was about to begin.

I sat down just in time to watch the Bills beat Miami, and the Giants to blow a game. I would have sworn if  Betty white quarterbacked the 4th quarter the Giants could of at least managed to hold the Eagles to a tie. It was at this point I started having mixed feelings about the pulled pork decision and Jets game against the Steelers at 4 pm. Mostly the pulled Pork!

The game started the best way any game can, with a kick return for a touch down by Brad Smith.  That man is the best bench player in football - all he does is come off the bench and produce greatness. He is the Steve Urkel of what is the New York Jets sitcom.

But then the Jets defense kicked in and let the Steelers go on two long drives for touch downs.  It was at this point I was sure that the Jets where going to lose the game like they did most others in embarrassing fashion.  I mean the jets can lose like no other team, just sit there and take it for four quarters.

But then something magical happened - the Jets scored their first offensive touchdown since Thanksgiving.  Who would of thought you need touchdowns to win games! So the Jets fresh off their amazing new strategy of scoring with their offense proceeded to dominate the rest of the game - and win it in exciting fashion. Which made my Sunday - well, the part of the Sunday that was spent out of the bathroom.