The buzz around the New York Jets is mostly on the Quarterback position. With the return of Josh McCown, the addition of Teddy Bridgewater and drafting Sam Darnold everyone wants to know if and when Darnold will start. I'm focused on a 5'11 185 pound running back out of Virginia St named Trenton Cannon.

Cannon is a bit under the radar because of his lack of size and that he's a D2 guy but his speed and elusiveness makes him an exciting passing down weapon for the Jets. Cannon ran a 4.40 40 at the combine and when he gets in the open field everyone holds their breathe. He could be a big play weapon in the NFL. On;y time will tell if he's durable enough and the Jets have the right plan to use Cannon but if it works he could be a highlight reel waiting to happen. Possibly worth a LATE pick in a 14 plus team fantasy league.

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