...as a coach! The Albany Empire have added arguably the greatest pass rusher in the history of Arena Football, joe Sykes as the new Defensive Line Coach. When head coach of the Empire Tom Menas called me to tell me he signed Joe Sykes the fan in me came out instantly. With Tommy Grady back at QB, Sykes returning to hit the other teams QB, in my mind the Empire locked up an NAL championship this year. It took me a minute to really realize the value that Joe Sykes brings to the coaching staff but after speaking to Coach Sykes, I'm there now.

I know some of you will be disappointed that Sykes won't be suiting up because I really want to see him play at the Times Union Center again too but as a coach he can help the new defensive line adapt to NAL life. The started to remember way Sykes would work pregame with the other Defensive Ends in 2018 and 2019. What to do with your feet, what to do with your hands. He'd practice different techniques before every game with every other pass rusher. Now his sole focus will be doing that all week long. Listen to Joe Sykes' full interview below.

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Albany Empire Training camp starts next week and the 2021 season kicks off May 29th at the Times Union Center.

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