The newest member of the team is about to make his debut, and before he does every Sabres fan should know this important fact about him.

The Buffalo Sabres and the rest of the NHL all worked to make moves by the trade deadline, which was on Friday, March 3, 2023. While Buffalo didn't make any HUGE moves, in terms of getting the biggest names available, they did get a huge person. The Sabres traded 2 draft picks to the Minnesota Wild for 6'5" (or 6'6" depending on who you ask) forward Jordan Greenway.

Why Buffalo Traded for Greenway

The Sabres are a young, fast team who needed someone who could play or more physical and powerful role aside from superstar Tage Thompson. Head Coach Don Granto also coached Greenway when they were together in the USA Hocket National Development team, and believes he can get much more out of Greenway, much like he did Tage Thompson. Now, should we expect Greenway to produce like Thompson? No. However, he hasn't been much of a scorer having only 7 points this season.

Newest Buffalo Sabres Player Fact The Fans Will Love

It's always nice to know, as a fan, that a player wants to be here. After all, Sabres fans are dealing with a historic playoff draught and many years of watching players who clearly looked like they did not want to be here. Alex Tuch was an amazing addition to the team, not only because of his talent but because he grew up near Syracuse, NY, knew former Sabre Tim Connolly well (grew up in the same neighbourhood), and grew up rooting for the team. It was his dream to become a Buffalo Sabre and he has been outspoken about how that motivates him.

It looks like we may have just got another player with the same motivation! Check this out:

That's right: not only did Greenway grow up in the North Country, but he also grew up a BUFFALO SABRES FAN! Definitely, a bonus and something fans are going to love about him. Hopefully, that passion will translate on the ice.

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