To borrow a sports metaphor, the first-ever season of the new reality television show Perfect Match came out of the box swinging.

Hosted by Nick Lachey, the show takes singles from other reality TV shows, throws them together into one location, and attempts to form "perfect matches" through compatibility challenges. Some contestants are able to find the one, while others aren't so lucky, and are sent packing as a result.

One Upstate New York native appeared to have found a perfect match of his own, but as the season came to a close, everyone was left asking the same question: did it last?

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Rochester's Joey Sasso Engaged after Perfect Match, Then What Happened?

A story from New York Upstate detailed the journey for love embarked upon by Joey Sasso, a native of Rochester, New York. The 29-year old has reportedly been working in entertainment in various capacities since 2015, but rose to fame as the winner of the Netflix series The Circle in 2020.

Due to his likability and prior relationship with reality TV fans (and Netflix execs), Sasso was cast on the first season of the new reality show, Perfect Match.

Heads up...Season 1 spoiler coming up after this photo!

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Unfortunately, Sasso did not end up victorious when Season 1 came to a close. He was a finalist at season's end, and managed to last all 12 episodes of the season without exiting the show. In order to remain on the show each week, each contestant had to find a "match" at the end of every night, or they would be asked to leave the group villa.

Ultimately, Sasso lost out to Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati, who were declared the "Perfect Match" by Nick Lachey and company in the final episode. When the votes were calculated, it was stated that Gabriel and Hassarati had won by a single vote.

Here is a video posted on YouTube of Joey, Dom and fellow contestant Mitchell Eason sharing details from the past season:

Despite losing in the finale, Sasso still exited the show a winner, as he proposed to contestant Kariselle Snow during the season finale, to which she answered yes. Sasso and Snow were the only couple to become engaged this season, which at the time, seemed to suggest to fans that they would be the true perfect match.

Unfortunately, their love did not last, as both Sasso and Snow, and the winning couple, are reported to have broken up after the show wrapped filming.

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Here's what Sasso had to say about the breakup:

“We both sort of agreed right now we need to step away from each other. That’s for the best, but her and I have so much love for each other.” - Joey Sasso, via Today

Unfortunately, this Upstate New York native was unable to secure his perfect match this time around. There is plenty of time to find one, however, and there are also plenty of other reality shows on which he might be able find the one.

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