Levack & Goz were LIVE once again on radio row from the Mall of America in Minnesota on Thursday and were lucky enough to be joined by former NFL defensive-back Tyrone Carter.

Carter played 11 seasons in the NFL. Drafted with the 118th pick in the 4th round by the Minnesota Vikings, Carter went on to play for the Jets and Steelers before finishing up his career with the San Diego Chargers.

When asked about the how much it means to have the Super Bowl in Minnesota (where he also played collegiate football), Carter explained the excitement surrounding the city.

"I'll tell you what, man. It means a lot to the state of Minnesota that has been to the Super Bowl four times and haven't won one," Carter said. To have it in your backyard now, it gives some of these fans in the community to understand this and enjoy that Super Bowl moment that they've always dreamed of."

After speaking to Tyrone Carter I was moved by the energy and passion he has for troubled or inner city youth. If you want to hear from a man who's entire life is based around helping young people that need a hand.

Make sure to listen to Levack & Goz the rest of the week as they bring you the latest leading up to the big game in Minnesota.

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