The original "Punk" of the UFC had some advice for the soon to be competitor in the octagon. After losing two close split decisions bouts in the octagon Josh Thomson returns to action Wednesday July 15h for UFC Fight night live on FoxSports1. The former strikeforce champion and will step into the octagon to take on 12th ranked Tony Ferguson in a 155-pound bout. The thirty six year old Thomson covered a wide range of topics this morning with me including if he had ever considered retirement, how his body is feeling after an injury in March and his prediction for what will happen Wednesday night. Thomson made his UFC debut 12 years ago and has used the moniker "The Punk" since then but another "Punk" has signed with the UFC. In December of 2014 former WWE Champion  Phil "CM Punk" Brooks signed with the UFC and is excepted to make his highly anticipated debut later this year. So is Thomson thinking about switching his nickname or his Twitter handle @TheRealPunk now that the former WWE Superstar has signed on?

"No. Why would I switch it up? I was here before him. Hell no. He can beat it buddy. No. No realistically like he can have the name, man I'm almost 37 years old and I'm like hey you can go ahead and have the name dude. You want to be called a punk go ahead bro"

While there looks to be no battle in the octagon for the moniker "Punk" in the future, Thomson will try to secure his 21st career UFC win, Wednesday tonight against Tony Ferguson.