This poor kid takes getting crossed over to a new level.  Typically, when defenders get their ankles broken by getting crossed over, they don't get airborne.  This guy does.

The kid with the ball executes a nice crossover while stopping on a dime.  This is a recipe for disaster for a defender.  The defender takes getting crossed over to new heights though.  The kid playing defense (or attempting to) actually gets airborne.  That normally doesn't happen. 

We've seen guys like JJ Redick and Luke Ridnour get crossed over in the NBA.  It's always embarrassing, but at least those guys never got airborne like this kid.  They never caught major air.  It's tough to play this off too.  This kid flew through the air like Superman after getting completely fooled.  Plus, the guy on offense just stops.  It made it even tougher to blend in with the rest of the defenders.  Better luck next time, crossed-over guy.

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