Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is in his rookie season in the role but even though he's coaching his first team, it wasn't the initial team that he said 'yes' to.

Long before Kerr took over a young and potential-filled Warriors team (granted, the right choice), the former NBA star and TV analyst had verbally accepted a gig with the Knicks.

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"Its crazy," said New York Post writer Marc Berman, with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. "I don’t know what Kerr has been spinning, but he had agreed to take the Knicks job and they were working on a contract.

The truth is that Phil Jackson low-balled his former player when he simply could've paid the asking price and reeled in the potential-filled Kerr. The Knicks kept the number low, and Kerr eventually balked, leaving Knicks with the leftovers in the coaching free agent market.

"The Knicks could have wrapped up the negotiations before the Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs and they would have had Kerr. It would have been a different situation.

"Kerr comes with so much experience with being a GM, in the broadcasting world and being around other teams, Derek came in so over his head."

Add the fact that Berman discovered this week that Kerr's wife is from Westchester, where the Knicks practice facility is located, and the Kerr non-hire continues to look like an even bigger whiff for Jackson and the Knicks.