Before the season New York Knicks owner James Dolan told his staff in a pre season meeting his expectations for the Knicks. If you don't remember they went a little something like this. I believe we have enough "talent to win it all"  Dolan continued his statement with even more blasphemy saying " I expect it to happen this year".

We are now 5 months down the road from those comments, and the Knicks are an awful 19 games under.500. There is no other way to put it than this, the New York Knickerbockers are a flat out joke !

I can't tell if James Dolan and Steve Mills thinks that the fans are fools, and if they stay mute all season they will blame head coach Mike Woodson for all this but that's not happening.

Nick Laham, Getty Images
Nick Laham, Getty Images

Knick fans are putting together a protest against Dolan on March 19th when the Knicks host the Indiana Pacers. The organizers of the “KF4L Rally,” which has its own Facebook page, are promoting the rally through social media platforms. The KF4L stands for “Knicks Fan for Life".

The organizers explanation of the cause of this rally is"Dolan’s failure to allow knowledgeable basketball people the autonomy/power to make basketball related decisions. (Pat Riley, Jeff Van Gundy, Donnie Walsh) His insistence on overriding the opinions of his basketball people by bidding against himself in negotiations and overpaying in trades. The rehiring of Steve Mills who has never been in the GM role before and presided over one of the most embarrassing eras in Knick history."

The organization goes on by understanding what they believe are realistic results by stating "We understand Dolan will not sell. We understand change may not come of this. We just want our voices heard. We want to remind Dolan and the NBA that our voices matter. We buy the tickets, the jerseys, the NBA League Pass subscriptions. We are frustrated. We are tired. We deserve better"

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