Former NFL offensive lineman Kwame Harris has been charged with felony domestic violence after allegedly beating his ex boyfriend. Is this sordid incident the result of head injuries stemming from a five year NFL career?

For those that don't know the story, Harris allegedly had an issue with his ex-boyfriend pouring soy sauce on his rice while the two were out at a restaurant, and decided that he would not drive his ex to the airport as a result. When Harris' ex attempted to grab his luggage and get a cab, Harris allegedly pulled his pants down, accusing him of stealing his underwear before things came to blows.

Obviously Harris is innocent until proven guilty, but if he is found guilty in this case, it would be hard to think that a former offensive lineman (a position that takes a lot of contact, including helmet to helmet contact) is doing things like this unless he were influenced by the symptoms of head trauma from his pro football career.

As more facts come out in the case, I hope that some sort of medical testing is done to determine the extent to which head injuries caused by playing football had a role in this incident.