The level of embarrassment for the New York Jets and their fans continues to grow by the day. How in the world can you have coaches and players publicly pointing fingers at each other, be 0 - 6 and be shutout by the Miami Dolphins and still be employed? That's the question that Jets fans have to be asking themselves today. I think the answer is that you're not there.

Before you accuse me of victim shaming, hear me out. The Jets fanbase has chased out far better coaching and GM's. We now know that as much as Todd Bowles wasn't the long-term answer he was FAR better than Gase and Jets fan had him running to Florida faster than a retired New Yorker with a strong 401 K. The greatest example of the power of the Jets fans was the way they chased off former General Manager John Idzik. Fans paid for billboards, rally towels, and even flew a plane over the stadium. All of which said "Fire Idzik".

So how in the world is Adam Gase still here with a 7 - 15 record, a full revolt leading to Jamaal Adams and Le'Veon Bell no longer being on the team, his coaching staff calling him out publicly, and of course the Taco Meme? It has to be because the Jets are fine with losing in hopes of landing the number one draft pick and because thanks to COVID-19 you can't be there every week to remind team Owner Christopher Johnson and General Manager Joe Douglas just how mad you are and how unacceptable this performance is. Sad that in a day and age where many qualified and amazing workers are losing their jobs thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, one terrible head coaches job could be keeping his because of it.

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