Lance Armstrong lied, and lied, and lied some more, to protect himself and his legacy.  He didn't do it simply for cancer research.

Lance, Lance, Lance.  Really, bud?  You lied for years and years only to finally set the record straight that you’re a dirty cheater.  And now you have a ton of loyal fans that are willing to wipe away all of your lies and dirty deeds in one fell swoop.  How lame an undeserving you are.

You helped raise $470 million dollars for cancer research with your Livestrong Foundation.  That’s great, but both you and I know that you didn’t lie your butt off for years solely to protect your foundation.  We both know that you wanted the glory and you wanted your legacy to remain intact although it was fake.

It’s totally lame that people are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt as if every wrong choice you made was for the overall good of your foundation.  You lied your butt off to protect yourself, not just to raise a bunch of money for cancer research.  We know the truth, and we know that a free pass isn’t justified.  Sorry just isn’t good enough.

Enjoy all of the praise that you will get from your loyal followers as if you actually deserve it.  You don’t.  Enjoy those good feelings after FINALLY telling the truth.  It’s about time.  I hope the pain that exists for telling all of those lies never quite leaves you though.  That pain will help you tell the truth from now on.  It’s a novel concept.

Please do me a favor and shut up for a while.  I’m not going to believe anything you have to say anyway.  Thanks, bud.  And remember to keep streaming “The Noe Show” on  See ya.

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