LeBron James is featured in a new McDonald's commercial.  The NBA stud makes fun of himself but won't win any awards for his acting skills.  Click here to see King James. 

Okay, a couple of things.  I think LeBron's portion of this commercial is halfway funny.  I have to emphasize "halfway" though.  It's cool that he pokes fun at his chances of winning seven championships which would give him one more than the great Michael Jordan.  However, he's not exactly the next Denzel in terms of acting skills.

At the :32 second mark LeBron says, "Free fries."  Please pay special attention to what happens immediately after.  LeBron makes possibly the worst acting expression of all time.  He looks completely unnatural by nodding to his left and then to his right. 

My only question is; why didn't they film that over again?  Seriously, how did the sentence, "Alright, LeBron, let's try this one more time," not immediately follow this horrible scene?  Come on, King James!  You're better than than, man!  And come on, McDonald's film crew.  You guys stole money on this one.


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