Sometimes you just have to shake your head. This is 1 of those times for me. The Baseball wizards, despite all evidence to the contrary are headed down the path of cutting back interleague games between the fiercest rivals. that means less Mets/Yanks, Cubs/Whitesox, Giants/A's, Cards/Royals, Dodgers/Angels, Rays/Marlins. Despite factual evidence that these games draw more fans for these games Baseball is talking about changing the home and home 6 games to 3 or perhaps 4. Why?

This whole fiddling started with the dreadful decision to move the Astros to the AL and has progressed from there. Now we have interleague every day starting next season and we will have less rivals getting after each other.

This isn't official yet but is "being discussed"..Why even discuss such a bad idea. Why did the Astros even get moved? Why mess with proven success?

They must be bored in the Baseball offices. Bored people mess with things that should be left alone. How can cutting back games against natural rivals be a good thing? How can less Mets vs Yanks be bad and more Yanks vs Royals be good? Answer-it isn't and this is flat out dumb!

As the home of the Yankee Baseball-1045 the team, ESPN radio in Albany, I would love to see listenership ratings for interleague games such as the rivalry matchups and Yanks vs Seattle. Sorry I just can't imagine the ratings being as good.

Now as a Met fan I am guessing these games are more fun for Met fans then Yankee fans. The Mets are the red headed step child so any time we get to play the big bad Yanks I love it. I am guessing Yankee fan looks at the Mets like an annoying flea. But I am also guessing that next to the Red Sox these games interest Yankee fan as well? You tell me Yankee fans and met fans do you want to see less games between the teams? The thought is less is more and sometimes that is true. This time I think less is less and less  makes no sense.