Alan Hahn covers the Knicks for ESPN 98.7 FM and on TV. He has been covering the Knicks NBA draft options from even before we knew they had the 9th overall pick. So now that the Draft is only weeks away what does Hahn expect the Knicks to do and what does he hope they do with the 9th overall pick?

The Knicks have many needs so would they consider trading up, trading back or even trading out of the first round all together? There are a few players that could fall to nine and as Hahn points out that's why the Knicks have been hosting so many workouts. Names like Mo Bamba and Trae Young could be in play especially if someone wants to trade back to nine with the Knicks. Listen to all the possibilities Hahn sees for what could be an "NFL style" NBA draft with trades and side stories.

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