The New York Knicks are back in the NBA Playoffs for the first time in eight years! As if that isn't enough reason to tune in and get excited they'll be facing the Capital Region's Kevin Huerter and the Atlanta Hawks. The only way this would be better for us here in Upstate New York is if Huerter was on the Knicks. Host of ESPN Radio's Bart and Hahn (as well as just about every other show on the network right now) and super Knicks fan Alan Hahn joined Levack and Bahl to preview the matchup and give an overview on just how the Knicks made such an amazing turnaround this year.

While many of us are talking about how the Knicks Julius Randle or the Hawks Trae Young will decide this series and others are focused on the size in the paint, Hahn thinks this series will be decided by another factor. Hahn is looking at the benches. He believes that Randle and Young will get theirs and do what they do and that Taj Gibson and Nerlens Noel are up to the challenge for the Knicks but which team's bench will make an impact?

Here's where Kevin Huerter comes in. Alan Hahn pointed out that Huerter's intelligence when it comes to finding his shots as well as being there to make baskets if Trae Young is covered plus defensive ability could make him a factor here. Possibly even have Huerter come off the bench to force specific matchups in the Hawks' favor. Listen to Alan Hahn's full interview below.

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