I have sat back and listened patiently while my "Friends" from the Deathwish Coffee Fantasy Football League have insulted, berated and all around dismissed my Fantasy Football team and skills. I'll admit I got off to and uncharacteristically slow start but after some solid waiver wire moves and superior General Managing my team take a look at who had the high score this week. I'M BACK BABY!!!

Behind the legs of Kansas City Chiefs' Running Back Kareem Hunt and fierce play of the Denver Broncos defense I bested the entire league!!!! I'm currently a sad 2 - 5 but this week of the high score will be the springboard I need to overtake the Deathwish Coffee Fantasy Football League. Take this warning to heart Teah, Kane, Mike, John, James and all you other loser .... Levack is back and you will all fall victim to my greatness! In year's past, I won all season and lost in the playoffs. This year I start slow and finish strong.

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