You may not like Carmelo Anthony, but he's already cemented his legacy.

Maybe his NBA career isn't what you want it to be, maybe he'll never win a championship, and maybe he won't ever be in the same conversation as LeBron James. Maybe you'll equate him to Derrick Rose and Allen Iverson, talented scorers who couldn't help their team in many other ways, but it doesn't matter. He's headed to Springfield and the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The resume speaks for itself. As Hahn states above, 'Melo has three Olympic golds, an NCAA title at Syracuse, multiple all-star game appearances, and a scoring title in the NBA.

'Melo is also a likeable player. And a likeable guy. He doesn't have the brashness of Iverson, the injury history of Rose. He's been a punching bag for criticism and a lightning rod in New York, but he doesn't always deserve it.

'Melo is a great player and he's going to be in the Hall of Fame.

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