Now this could be typical agent blabber or perhaps it is real.  According to Jeremy Lin's  agent the guard says it isn't 100% that he'll return to New York next year.

Roger Montgomery who reps Lin says "We have no assurances that going back to the Knicks will happen". He continued with this quote "I know it is assumed that most restricted free agents to go back to their team. We don't have assurances that will happen and we are waiting to see what happens"

Now looking deeper then the usual agent speak I think this might be somewhat accurate. Think about it. Lin loves former Knick coach Mike D'Antoni who helped make Lin the sensation he was with D'Antoni's system and style. If D'Antoni lands a job (see Orlando or Portland) perhaps Lin will split New York. Lin like almost all  offensive players loves D'Antoni's up tempo system. Almost all because Carmelo Anthony doesn't and is the 1st who didn't. He quit on the Knicks and the coach and D'Antoni got whacked.

Also ask yourself this-if you are a point guard with a long career ahead of you do you want to just pass the ball to Anthony then watch as he plays his "iso" game? I wouldn't thats for sure.

Also consider this- The Knicks in my opinion are poorly constructed with a defensive head coach if they bring back Mike Woodson (I wouldn't) and an offensive roster. It is disjointed at best. Add in Carmelo's  desire to dominate the shot count and why if you are a point guard would you want to be part of that? I wouldn't.

What I would do is try and deal Anthony. I would try and get Phil Jackson. Lin is a solid pick and roll guy and that's Amare Stoudemire's fortay. I would try and peddle Melo!

Also 1 other thing to ponder-While Lin helped save the Knicks season and is a great marketing ploy for the Knicks how much do you want to pay a guy who frankly had 30ish games to show his wares. He is average at best on defense. His shot is erratic. His game needs lots of work. So how much do you want to fork over for an unproven player who has huge upside and great marketability? It's a serious dilemma really.

Add in that Charles Dolan, the man that signs the checks is clueless and just throws money around (See Isiah Thomas and that mess) and you shake your head. The Knicks have the 5 million dollar exemption to give Lin and could match any offer if he gets an offer.

Also 1 other thing to consider-The Players Union and the league have issues to settle, namely the Bird rule about re-upping your own free agents. That whole mess still hasn't been worked out. That adds more intrigue to the Lin situation.

What Lin and the Knicks have is a prickly situation to work out. I will bet that Lin will be back-IF-IF they can make a deal before D'Antoni lands a job-If he lands a job.

Should be an interesting Summer for Knick fans and for Jeremy Lin. As his agent says "it's no sure thing he will be back"

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