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If you missed it, earlier in the week, Levack, Goz and Raider Ryan exchanged in a back and forth over "Taco Tuesday" and Hoosick Falls.

Was Goz too hard on Raider Ryan and Hoosick Falls? Or was Ryan oblivious to the fact other cities have Taco Tuesday? Well Ryan did leave this comment on the free 104.5 The Team app

For the record I never said that the only taco Tuesday is in Hoosick falls I’m just saying another taco Tuesday is out there at a glorious establishment called Unihog. Also there is other top five at fives and happy hours so take that Gozzxbear, don’t worry still love you guys and won’t stop listening, Peace love raider Ryan

Below are some of the "best" from the rest of the week

Tim-It’s exciting thinking about him in the coming years of a potential Cole, Severino and Garcia 1-3 starters. They’d be crazy not to have him in playoffs

KB-That is really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to respond. That is most Gozzy Bear of you.

Darrell Blond-Probably the Browns, granted going up against last years MVP with 3 starters out on D is difficult. Offense only put up one score.. Baker looked lost and collectively they had 3 turnovers. Not a recipe for success.

Adam-What do guys take from the Cowboys Vs Rams SNF. Sofi stadium is gorgeous.

Nick-Joe Judge is a millioin times better than Adam Gase

Pat From The Bronx-has been anti my Sox all season

Brian-Do you think Chiefs-Texans is a must win?

Chef Mike

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