If you witness something insane happen on the road, odds are, someone was able to record it on their phone's camera. From there, it's only a matter of time before the person uploads the video to their social media accounts, adds a few hashtags, and waits for the video to go viral.

Since the popularization of the platform TikTok, this social trend has grown exponentially. Drivers in Upstate New York have been part of this trend, capturing road rage-inducing moments on our local roadways, and posting videos using the hashtags #upstateny and #upstatenewyork.

Here are ten of the videos we discovered on TikTok, that were posted to keep us safe, but also, as bizarre attempts to go viral.

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@thee_angry_leprechaun #upstateny #grain #crash #sideways ♬ OH NO OH NO OH NO NO NO - SONG CAPONE - MEME DO TIK TOK CHALLENGER - REMIX FUNK - MC K.K

Yikes! The first video shows an over-turned tanker truck lying on the side of the New York Thruway. Luckily, as the video states, the driver was miraculously unharmed from the incident.

@shilendra13 The things you see on your way to work #fyp #upstateny #newyork #accident ♬ Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin

We've all been in a situation similar to this: the snow begins to fall, seemingly out of nowhere, and the roads become ice rinks before our very eyes. Unfortunately, every now and then, the result looks a lot like the collision in this clip.

@dukediederichs10 lol #newyork #ny #fyp #dumbdrivers #stupid #idek ♬ Vacation - Dirty Heads

All I see here, is an Upstate New York resident who knows how to ride in-style. This incredible ride also has enough lift in it to make hopping the curb so much easier, as you can see.

@radcarpentersideb #fypシ #getoutoftheleftlane #baddriver #upstateny #roadtrip ♬ original sound - Rad

Driving slowly in the left lane is not unique to Upstate New York, but it seems to happen here ALL of the time. The song that is paired with the video is the true MVP of it all, but save it for when the kids aren't around.

@abc7newsbayarea Shocking surveillance video from a gas station in upstate New York shows the moment an 18-year-old man plowed his car into a gas pump. According to police in Rochester, the man admitted to starting a fire at the pump after he crashed into it when he was "trying to do a burnout." #burnout #gasstation #abc7news #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - ABC7 News

Oh, goodness. This may just be me, but if I want to attempt anything that has the word "burn" in the name, I may try to save it for when I'm done at the gas station. 

@victorc934 #snow #accident #accidents #upstatenewyork ♬ original sound - Victor C

In a similar vein to the video a few spots above, when snow hits Upstate New York, it often hits hard, and takes no prisoners. If a tractor trailer or 18-wheeler starts to slide around the road, it can cause massive issues for the drivers around it.

@brycefleming85 #upstateny #fyp #fypシ #viral #famous #stupid #stupidpeople #stupidrivers #fypage #2022 #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound - Bryce Fleming

It's dark. The roadways are wet. The scene is ripe for a collision, and yet, this unknown driver still decides it's time to hit the gas to get around the car with the camera. We've seen it before, and sadly, we'll see it again.

@stevie.c99 this was too funny to watch these people drive like idiots 😂 #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Stevie

Stop sign? What stop sign? Aren't those signs just suggestions?

As the years go on, it appears that stop signs, stop lights and all other traffic signs in Upstate are becoming nothing more than decorative roadway ornaments.

@breeaunabeans #breeaunabeans #horses #amish #upstateny #upstatenewyork #backroads #summer #horse #road #driving #family #mom #Sahm ♬ original sound - Breeauna Beans

We must remember, not everybody in Upstate New York uses cars as their primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, there was a bit too much horsepower here for one roadway.

@amazing_things_daily Dude needs to learn some driving rules… #islip #ny #wronglane #stupiddriving #baddriver ♬ Tokyo Drift - Xavier Wulf

Lastly, I KNOW this video is from Long Island, but it was the most egregious one I found while scrolling through TikTok, and I felt as though I was doing a disservice to you all by not including it.

Granted, it seems as though this driver thinks they're in the United Kingdom, not Islip, New York.

These videos should make everyone shake their heads. While they were posted with the intent of going viral online, they should also serve as a reminder to everyone. Driving is a dangerous activity, and the more we watch for horrible drivers like some of these folks, the safer we all will be.

Good luck out there.

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