One of the hottest names in MLB free agency is Albert Pujols.  We learned that a third mystery team was involved in the Pujols talks, and now it seems that they have won out.  The Angels sign Albert Puljos for 10 years and a contract worth $250 million. 


Just as soon as the Miami Marlins pull out of the race for Albert Pujols, the St. Louis Cardinals have to deal with another team and this time it's the Los Angeles Angels.  The Angels have tossed their hat into the war for Pujols, who has yet to give any kind of hint where he may end up.

It was reported by ESPN that the Cards had a deal on the table worth $220 million for 10 years, but now sources are saying that the number isn't near that and only for nine years.  The Angels however have a 10 year deal laid out worth $210 million.  That might be enough to make Pujols jump ship, but the Angels are also interested in another free agent.

The Angels have been heavily involved in talks with CJ Wilson, who is the biggest free agent pitcher this off season.  The Marlins are also interested in Wilson and he is expected to make his decision at some point on Thursday.  Sources say he is leaning heavily towards the Angels.


ESPN is reporting this morning that Puljos has taken the deal with the LA Angels for 10 years.  It is expected to be worth between $250 million and $260 million.   The Cardinals had planned to talk to Pujols one more time on Thursday, but have lost out to the Angels who gave pretty much everything but the kitchen sink to get him there.

It's the third highest contract in MLB behind both of Alex Rodriguez's contracts, one with the Yankees and one with the Rangers.

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