Anyone who follows College recruiting knows it is at times a seemly rat race, and sometimes it is even worse then that. Take the powerful LSU Tigers or the Washington Huskies for the latest 2 examples. Neither school did anything "wrong" but really a 14 year old Washington? A 7th grader LSU?

In the pacific Northwest, Washington announced they had signed a 14 year old recruit- Tate Martell, who this year will be entering the 8th grade. Yes the 8th grade!  Martell attended Innovations Academy Chrter school last year in San Diego. This year he will be home schooled. The kid-I say it again the KID said about giving a verbal to Washington " Coach Sarkisian has such a good record with Quaterbacks that it felt like it was a good spot, finally meeting with coach it felt right and it was a good spot". With all due respect kid if you went to Oshkosh State that would have felt good. A 14 year old is so easily impressed. Don't take this as a knock on the fine university that is Washington, but 14 year olds are not a good gauge at this point. Mark it down this young fella will be swayed many times over if he keeps improving his mechanics and play and attracts other schools. Wait till he is on the national radar.

Martell then went on saying " Finally meeting with coach felt really good. He is a players coach. He's a guy that if you really needed to go talk to about something, he is a really good guy to talk to". Really little guy? And you know all this at 14. Tell me who isn't an authority figure at that age who isn't a good guy to talk to? Did Sark give you a video game to play with?

Apparently Martell has attended a QB camp with a noted teacher of Qb's and was impressive. Steve Clarkson is the QB coches name. He has mentored other quality Qb's such as USC's Matt Barklay. But serious he is a 7th grader. The kid is still growing, presently at 5 foot 11 and 180 lbs. Maybe I shouldn't call him little guy. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe with goals in mind, and knowing he has to keep his nose clean or the scholorship offer will be revoked will be good, but seriously a 14 year old?

Not to be outdone LSU announced they have a verbal with a 7th grader as well. Dylan Moses will be starting the 8th grade this semester but that didn't stop Les Miles and his football factory from offering the kid a verbal scholorship after seeing the kid work out a bit. Moses isn't eligable to start college play for another 5 years. His father Edward Moses is a big LSU fan. He must feel good knowing if his son does well in high school his college will be paid for.

Look on 1 hand I give it up to these young men. Playing QB for Washington or LSU is certainly a better goal then what video game you want to buy with your allowance  but honestly for the colleges you are chasing boys that  don't even have  a check book?

For both coaches at these schools there isn't a 17 year old or 3 to chase around the country? Something seems greasy about chasing after 13 and 14 year olds when they may not have even kissed a girl yet. Or maybe I am not giving the young teens enough credit for maturity at this point. I know this. No chance would I let my 13 year old or my 8th grader make such a committment at that young age. Too much too see and learn to make such an important decision.

I will note that neither school or any college can offer a kid a written scholorship until  September 1st of the kids senior season in High School. But I can see it now. the slimy boosters sending the kids gifts to make sure they aren't going soft on their early-early-VERY early committments.

This feels SLEEZY!