Hand written vows at a wedding can be tricky business. Walking that line between a genuine long lasting statement of love and playful punchline to loosen up the tense moment is just as hard as it sounds. Believe me, I've been there. Last summer I read wedding vows of my own and mixed in a Survivor Series 1996 reference. It's kind of like the guy who swallows swords. If he pulls it off you shake your head and say "I don't know how he did that". If he doesn't pull it off, you cringe and turn away. But if your timing and delivery coincide like a step team and a beat dropping, you have a chance to make wedding history. To execute a tasteful wedding vow punchline takes one and only one ingredient. Striking the right cord in your analogy. You just can't start stirring in your favorite things in your wedding vows without proper context in relation to the bride. Remember, it's about HER. Not YOU. The references have to highlight the best things about the girl in white, not a zinger to get your boys off. Having an understanding of that makes this video that much more amazing. Eric Fawcette is a brave Canadian who has pioneered a secret wedding passageway that lead him to ENDLESS sports references within one wedding vow, that somehow didn't end his marriage before it started. I've watched this video three times now and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the audacity and brilliance of Fawcette. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did, but don't get any ideas. This is a one time 'Italian Job' type of rouse that should never be tried again.