This past weekend Giants wide receiver Sterling Sheperd married his long-time girlfriend and fiance, Chanel Iman. Sheperd had a number of New York Giants and Oklahoma teammates attend his wedding.

With Odell Beckham Jr. and a number of other Giants being directly involved in the wedding, obviously there would be dancing, right?

We've seen video's in the past where people make choreographed entrances into their wedding. Sheperd and Beckham Jr.'s is interesting to say the least.

To see Sheperd and OBJ's entrance into the wedding click HERE!

With Goz's wedding coming up in a few months, could you see Goz having an entrance into his wedding like this, or perhaps even better than this?

The answer is resounding no. If any of you have ever seen Goz dance, it's like watching a baby giraffe learn how to walk for the first time (proof being his dancing at the announcement of the Albany Empresses). Maybe the Empresses can help him improve his moves before his wedding day? We'll have to wait and see.

But, would you like to see Goz have a choreographed entrance into his wedding?

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