Johnny Manziel.

There may be no more polarizing athlete in sports right now. On the positive side, he's fun. He plays the game like a college kid does. He moves around, he throws on the run, he makes some careless mistakes. He embodies the "Yolo" (You only live once) attitude of this generation. He's also relatable. He's short, he looks like the average guy playing QB. We like that.

On the negative side: He's a diva. He's a prima-donna. He doesn't respect authority. He'd rather get drunk than study the playbook. He's been benched and suspended for his lack of self-control and self-awareness.

Well, yesterday Manziel got the reigns back in Cleveland, and he led the Browns to a win. But before the game...

Manziel signed a $100 bill... probably feeding into the negative side. But the Johnny Football supporters would say "He can do what he wants, and still win, we love him!"

Are you tired of Johnny Football?

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