Not only did the Jets beat the Giants on Sunday. Not only did the Jets solidify themselves as legit playoff contenders, Brandon Marshall made history in the win.

Marshall has had a stellar career and he's been so consistent that you almost forget how good he's been throughout his 10 years.

Through 12 games, Marshall has seven 100-yard games to his resume. He had 131 yards yesterday, which was the second week in a row he totaled that number. He's also caught least one touchdown in every game this season except three.

His career high in receiving yards is 1,508, which he acquired in 2012 during his first season with the Bears.

A lot of things have changed this year for the Jets: They have a new quarterback, a new head coach, a new defense; They've welcomed back Darrelle Revis, but Marshall is the biggest difference in this team and is the reason for its success.