Matthew Barnaby is a former member of the Buffalo Sabres.  But that didn't hold him back when it came to his thoughts about Bills fans.

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You may remember Matthew Barnaby from his time with the Buffalo Sabres.  He was loud and had a reputation for fighting.  Yesterday, he took after Buffalo Bills fans in a video that he posted on social media.

It all has to do with Aaron Rodgers

It seems strange, but the latest rant online has to do with the New York Jets acquiring former Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a trade.  It's one that Jets fans have been waiting for for weeks.  It finally became official earlier this week and that was when Jets fans suddenly thought that their team became a Super Bowl contender.

Matthew Barnaby is betting it all on the Jets

Barnaby posted a video on social media saying that the Jets acquiring Rodgers was one of the greatest days in Jets history and that they were going to win it all this year.  He claims that he has been a fan for about 15,500 days which would turn out to be just over 42 years (he's 49).

He's not from New York.  Barnaby is an Ottawa native.

"Buffalo Bills fans, suck on it boys"

He goes on to claim that Bills fans are "delusional" and that they are never going to win a Super Bowl.  Then he adds to that that they won't even win the AFC East.  He says that even if they split the AFC East that they will be 10-7 on their season.

It's a bold claim.  And no one will know until we see some hands in the dirt, but really?

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