Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has not been having a good week. First his Viking's lost to the Seattle Seahawks 38-7 then he got ripped off by the McDonald's Drive Thru on the way home.

While working long and I mean long hours preparing for Thursday night's game against the Cardinals, Zimmer stopped at McDonald's for some fast food love. Sadly the love fell short. "I went to McDonald's on the way home because I was hungry and ordered two cheeseburgers and I only got one. That's the kind of week it's been," he said Tuesday.

Zimmer was asked why he didn't use the fact he's the Viking's coach to fix things, "They probably did [know who I am]. That's probably why I only got one."

McDonald's saw the interview on TV and Tweeted the Following.

The burgers have been delivered...well played McDonald's! This almost makes up for the Coach Ditka and Jerry Rice commercials.

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