While the college football players don't get paid for their services. They do get some pretty cool gear, if your team is good enough to make a bow game.  Check out my rankings from the worst to best.

10. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Akron vs. Utah State

A Coleman two-person tent. Where do I start? First off, nothing is famous about Idaho. If I had to pick two teams to play in Idaho, Akron and Utah State would be on my shortlist, so I don't feel that bad.

The last place I would want to play a bowl game would probably be Idaho. The only time I hear about Idaho is when I listen to Notorious B.I.G "Peel more skins than Idaho Potato"

Sorry Idaho lovers you're dead last every time, unless you're giving away direct flights to anywhere out of Idaho in your swag bag.

9. Quick Lane Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Minnesota

A life-size decal of each player who participates in the bowl. Well unless your Terrell Owens or Ochocinco, this is useless. Unless you sell it with your signature on it... of course after you leave college, because it's illegal to sell your signature while being in college athletics.

8. Texas Bowl: Texas Tech vs. LSU

A genuine alpaca throw, aka a blanket. This is the Texas Bowl, can we at least get some free BBQ? Who needs a blanket in Baton Rogue, the heat is already unbearable.

7. Arizona Bowl: Nevada vs. Colorado State

Cow town custom-tailored pair of cowboy boots. This should be what the Texas Bowl is giving out. Cowboy boots are very underrated, I would rock them every weekend to Saratoga if I had me a good pair, which usually run for $700-$1000.

6. Hawaii Bowl: Cincinnati vs. San Diego State

A pair of swim trunks. I know what you're thinking. how is this better than the Famous Idaho hiking gear? Because, no one wants to go to Idaho to play a bowl game. What you do want do, is go to Hawaii, and ball out, even if your swag bag sucks.

Outback Bowl Wisconsin v Auburn
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5. Outback Bowl: Northwestern vs. Tennessee

A $150 gift card to Best Buy, a Fossil watch, a commemorative Jostens ring, a baseball cap and, a meal card to Outback Steakhouse are all there. I love a good onion blossom.

4. Military Bowl: Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Navy Midshipmen

A Microsoft Xbox One bundle and an Under Armour duffel bag. You finish the game , and then what? You're on winter break, what's a better swag bag for winter break than a Xbox One bundle.


3. Citrus Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida

A $315 Best Buy gift card, Timely Watch Co. watch,  EA Sports video games, a pair of ISlide sandals and, a beach towel. This is as standard as it gets for an Orlando starter pack. Get yourself a pair of Beats, and enjoy Disney.

2. Peach Bowl: Florida State vs. Houston

$300 Visa gift card, Fossil watch, Bluetooth speaker, a commemorative football, and a Chick-fil-A gift card valued at $10. I've never had Chick-fil-A, but I only hear good things, but when you look at their menu, this gift card gets you a kid toy, and a small fry. That's the only knock this bag is getting from me.

1.  Alamo Bowl: TCU vs. Oregon

Beats Studio Wireless headphones, a $125 gift card to Best Buy, a panoramic team picture, a mini-helmet and, and a Fossil timepiece. The best game, the best bag. If this was under my Christmas tree I'd be more than satisfied.


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