If you missed our own Armen Williams and Jeff Levack last night on the "Upstate Sports Edge," have no fear: We've got you covered.

Our duo made their regular Tuesday night appearance talking about the Giants and their propensity for late-game collapses. They talked about Tom Coughlin's job security and the need for the Giants to "believe" in their ability to win in the fourth quarter.

Furthermore, they talked about the Bills and Levack gave the formula for Bills victories.

Then, they talked about the upcoming "Albany Cup" basketball game between Siena and UAlbany. That game is 7 p.m. at the Times Union Center on Saturday night. UAlbany has won the last three years.

Armen and Levack both gave the prediction for the game, with Levack saying he favors the Danes. Armen was more precise: He has "UAlbany by six."

I think the game comes down to which team can impose their will and play their kind of style. UAlbany will want to slow the game down while Siena will want to work the pace.

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