Goz and I got a chance to catch up with UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman on Wednesday morning, to talk UFC 194, MMA coming to New York, and his Islanders move to Brooklyn.

UFC 194, is set to be the biggest event of the UFC's calendar year. The main headline is for the lightweight championship between interim champion Conor McGregor, and champion Jose Aldo. The co-main event, is for the middleweight championship, between challenger Luke Rockhold (14-2), and champion Chris Weidman (13-0).

Rockhold, has been very vocal leading up to the fight, and went as far as calling Weidman "slow" and "flat footed". Weidman compared to Rockhold as a school bully not getting attention. " I think he's insecure about himself, and needs to puff himself up" Weidman said.

The UFC is still pushing to become legalized in the state of New York, and Weidman has been a big voice in the cause. Many UFC fighters have been to the Capital Region, to talk to the assembly, and Weidman looks to continue the push in the coming months. " I think me Lorenzo, Dana, and Holly Holm's plan to come to Albany sometime after this fight, to push it through."

The UFC has scheduled UFC 198, to be held at Madison Square Garden on April 23rd.