I have 2 questions for the  New York Mets-As a Met fan I want to know if I should care more then they seem to about making the playoffs, or at least staying in the race as long as possible. Forget the division title. That's now gone. But 2 wildcard spots are up for grabs so here are my 2 questions/rants so I know  if you are in or out!


1) If you are in show us by making at least 2 moves to help that god awful bullpen. I said at the start of the year this is a big problem. I am not often right :) but this time I nailed that puppy on the nose. This pen is historically terrible. let me repeat that-HISTORICALLY TERRIBLE!. They are all dreadful save for this kid Josh Edgin who is too new to make a determination. Bobby Parnell is scary and not worthy of trust. Byrdak is ok. That's it ok. The rest of them. Suffice to say a baby's diaper smells better. Hello you are WRETCHED. Sorry but someone needs to say it. The pen has lost an astounding, mind boggling 19 games. NINETEEN!
If this bullpen isn't blown up and fast Met fans this little dream we have is over! Rauch, Batista, Beato, Francisco,Ramirez please go away.

2) Met management can you please tell me why Jason Bay is still playing. Beating up on him is getting old and tiring. His taking up playing time to do nothing should come to an end if the Mets are serious. Bay took another 0fer in game 1 vs Washington last night. Yawn. What else is new. Bay is hitting 179. He can't be dealt so no reason to "showcase' him. he is KILLING the Mets!

How Terry Collins, Sandy Alderson, the Wilpons can't see this and get this. I don't care what you are paying him. That's your mistake. What's the difference if you pay him to kill rallies or sit. Oh wait the difference is the Mets are a better club with him sitting. Last night Jordanny Valdespin ended the nightmare of Bay when he pinch hit a 3 run homerun in the 9th for short termed nirvana for Met fans only to watch (back to the start) the pen blow up the win!

For all the good things the Mets have done as team it has to be wrenching for these players to watch the same results from the same culprits. It has to. They are human.

It's decision time Met brass. Are we in or are we out? The answer should come real fast!