It's official the New York Yankees have announced that RHP Luis Severino will start the on game Wild Card against the Oakland A's. When right there's no doubt that Severino is the best pitcher the Yankees have, unfortunately things haven't been great for Severino since July 1st.

Luis Severino had a 2.10 ERA entering the month of July but after a typical great start on July 1st Severino struggled posting a 6.58 ERA for the month of July alone. He has settled down a bit and has shown glimpses of the pitcher that started the season but has failed to be consistent which led to many thinking perhaps J.A. Happ or Masahiro Tanaka would get the start in a one game win all series in the Bronx. There's alos the fear of history repeating itself like in last year's Wild Card game against the Twins where Severino couldn't even get out of the first inning.

I for one think this is a solid move. Te Yankees brought in J.A. Happ to face the Red Sox in the post season and this moves leaves Happ open to pitch game one and a potential game five for the Yankees if they advance past the A's on Wednesday night.

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