I wrote around three weeks ago how I hope the Mets do deal the winner of the Cy Young award before next season. Looks like I may get my wish. Reports claim the Mets are on the verge of dealing Dickey to Toronto for two or three high end prospects.

All that waits for the deal to be official is for Dickey to sign a contract extension with the resurgent Blue Jays. In time we will find out if the deal works for the Mets.

Dickey had been discussing contract extension with New York, asking for a two year deal for around 25-28 million dollars. He has until Tuesday to work out said extension with the Jays.

I had hoped the Mets would deal the knuckler not because he isn't deserving of a new deal. He certainly is after his 20 win season for a poor team. My hope is wrapped around when the Mets are ready to make a run at the NL East title Dickey would be 40 (he is 38 now) and getting back some good young players will accelerate the rebuilding. Can you really expect Dickey to repeat his stellar season next year? Doubtful. The Mets strength is their pitching with Harvey, Santana, Hopefully Wheeler, Niese and Gee already on staff. Not saying Dickey isn't better then perhaps two or three of those guys but how much? And isn't it better to turn excess into filling needs? In my view it is.

As for what the Mets are expected to get back from Toronto it seems to start with a young catcher and top five prospect in baseball in Travis D'Arnoud. Rumors say the Mets will also receive catcher John Buck who will start until D'Arnoud is ready. Seems Josh Thole will be leaving with Dickey. the same reports claim the Mets will get back young A ball pitcher Noah Syndergaard and who knows what will be of this young right hander.

I have no doubt my fellow Mets fans will rip the deal. I won't yet. I wanted to see the Mets get back a power hitting outfielder and that doesn't look like it will happen. I do know that good catching is at a premium. If D'Arnoud is the real deal this will be a good deal. If not, it will be yet another Mets debacle.