One week after suffering a concussion in a loss to the Falcons, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick broke his right hand Sunday on what he considered a late hit in Philadelphia's loss to the rival New York Giants.

The hit in question happened in the third quarter, when Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty delivered a hard shot on Vick after the quarterback completed a 23-yard pass to Jeremy Maclin.

"I was trying to protect myself," Vick said in his postgame news conference. "Still didn't get a flag and that's pretty much been the story for the last three weeks. I mean, obviously at some point something catastrophic is going to happen and I broke my hand."

It appeared on replays that Canty hit Vick in the facemask with his helmet. Vick sat on the ground, lifted his helmet off slightly before getting helped up by a teammate and an official. Vick would continue venting his frustrations over the referees, as he said the following:

Looking at the replays, I'm on the ground every time, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated. The refs have got to do their jobs. And I mentioned it to the refs in training camp when I talked to them. I'm on the ground constantly, all the time. Every time I throw the ball, I'm on the ground. And I don't know why I don't get the 15-yard flags like everybody else does.

Sunday wasn't the first time the Eagles have questioned the treatment of Vick. Last December, Reid said he was tired of seeing Vick get hit after the whistle.

"It bothers me to be honest with you. That bothers me. I see the same thing you're seeing and it bothers me," Reid said at the time."He does run, but he's still the quarterback and you can't treat him like he's a running back there. That's not what the rules state."

Sources told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio then that the Eagles were so bothered they brought the issue to officials at the league office.

On Sunday, Vick said he wouldn't blame the referees for the hits, but wanted someone to "take notice."

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