Enough is Enough
Wisconsin's Bo Ryan spent his post-game press conference hyping on the referees, so much so to where it became a headline more than the game. Dick Vitale, on 104.5 The Team, said 'enough is enough'.
What’s The Worst Proposed Rule Change? [POLL]
Every offseason in professional and college sports, there are ideas about ways to "better" the sport. This offseason was no different. And there were several controversial rule change proposals -- maybe the most controversial ever. It could be the college football10-second rule (The Saban Rule) that would've ultimately erased the hurry up offense completely from college football... Read
Tough Job
Protecting the players. Making this a safer game. That's what the NFL has sought out to do. In making this proclamation, NFL referees are forced to make judgement calls in a split second. "The game is too fast, too strong and too big for officials to make the right decisions," said ESPN Radio's Freddie Coleman, who joined Armen on 104...
Should The NBA Allow More Fouls?
During the NBA Playoffs, there have been many controversial calls from referees, some of which have piled up and caused star players to foul out of games (i.e. Paul Pierce and LeBron James last night). Do you think the NBA should increase the number of fouls a player is allowed to commit...
Should NBA Referees Make Calls Based On “Situations?”
In the closing seconds of last night's Celtics-76ers game, Kevin Garnett was called for a controversial moving screen foul, which essentially ended Boston's hopes for a win. Do you think NBA referees should "swallow the whistle" in late-game situations, or should they officiate "by the book...