There are more and more people "Cutting the Cord" when it comes to cable TV. This time of year that becomes a pretty big issue for fans of football. The NFL is a ratings monster and if you don't have any form of cable you could have to go to a bar, go to a friend's place, try to find the games on the internet, or maybe miss it altogether. Miller Lite has a solution for you, the Cantenna!

Look even though I strongly recommend joining Goz and myself every Sunday starting at 11 am but maybe you aren't 100% ready to rejoin the public yet. Maybe you don't exactly want to go to your buddies house for various reasons. Maybe you're not a fan of doing jail time for watching a grainy and choppy version of the game on an illegal website. So you have two choices to watch the games you can pay the high price of cable or go to Miller Lite's website and try to win the Cantenna.

This is hysterical and I seriously want one for myself. I wonder how well it works? Here locally I know many people use HD antennas to pick up local channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX. Put that together with the ESPN app and you get all the locally aired NFL games. So if this is actually a quality antenna...sorry CANTENNA, it could be worth owning.

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