Francisco Mejia is a name that you probably haven't heard of:

He's a single-A player for the Lynchburg Hillcats of the Cleveland Indians system. He currently has a 47-game hit streak, the longest streak ever in the modern era of Minor League Baseball.

Perhaps even more impressive is that this streak has spanned two different teams in two different leagues, it has coincided with a cross-country flight to the Futures Game, and with Mejia playing catcher, the most grueling position on the field.

Furthermore, Mejia was supposed to be the centerpiece of the trade that was supposed to bring Jonathan Lucroy to the Indians from Milwaukee - and then was not able to be completed.

All of those obstacles make this streak even more impressive. We brought in Hillcats broadcaster Kyle West today to talk about the streak with Brady Farkas and Zach Bye on 'Big Board Sports.'