Mets ace Matt Harvey should be a dictating factor for the Mets in the Divisional Series agains the Dodgers. MLB Host for TBS, Casey Stern, says all sides are to blame for the situation they're in now. 

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"He better pitch [in the post-season]," said Stern, to 'Armen and Levack', on 104.5 The Team. "To me, everybody screwed this up. I talked to Scott Boras about this and obviously he puts the blame on, 'Hey, we assumed that they were going to handle it like [Stephen] Strasburg and the Mets didn’t contact us and of course it’s everybody else’s fault.'

"The Mets put it on Scott Boras and Matt Harvey and the same guy that didn’t want a six-man rotation and then all of a sudden was in the dugout saying, 'I’ll do whatever the doctors tell me, so I might not pitch'.

"So who the hell knows.

"I think he’ll get one game in the five game series and one start only. I think because of that they’ll be able to go as deep as they want and not take him out, unless it’s his performance that justifies doing so, but I think even though all of the attention is about Harvey, that is not what’s going to determine whether or not the Mets beat the Dodgers."

The National League Divisional Series against the Dodgers begins on Friday, October 9th, and can be heard on 104.5 The Team.

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