The starting pitching for the New York Yankees and Mets looks to be some of the best in all of baseball but which staff is better? Newsday's David Lennon called in to Levack and Charlie to preview the 2021 season which starts on April 1st and he found himself smack dab in the middle of our long running debate. Who does Lennon think is the better rotation and who is the best pitcher not only in New York but all of baseball?

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole (pictured above) is regarded by many as the best pitcher in baseball. Just as many if not more people believe Mets ace Jacob deGrom (pictured below) is the best pitcher in baseball. Since I (Levack) am a diehard Yankees fan I'm obviously "Team Cole" and Charlie loves his Mets so he's "Team deGrom". We leave it up to Newsday's MLB writer David Lennon to settle the debate. Listen to David's season preview as well as his thoughts on Cole vs deGrom below.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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Obviously, this has not really settled anything between Charlie and me. I clearly agree with Lennon that the Yankees have the better rotation and disagree about the best pitcher and Charlie is the exact opposite. There's only one way to decide this and it starts on Thursday, April 1st when the 2021 MLB regular-season starts.

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