The lockout has been nothing but long and boring for us NFL fans. Something good has come out of this cluster (Pluck).  Just how good is more Reviews and how will they be used.

Here is what the NFL wants to do. The NFL wants to review every scoring play. Field Goals, Safeties, Touchdowns, and what ever else you can think of, as long as the ball crosses the goal line the NFL wants to take a look at it. It’s not going to add to much time to the game as the review will be done quickly in the booth first, if something damming is found in the replay they will buzz the on the field Referee  then the Ref will go under the hood.

This is in principle a good idea, it will allow teams to use their challenges more liberally during the first few minutes of a game instead of saving them only for scores. It won’t slow the game down noticeably at all, the reviews will be done by the replay ref up in the box. If and only if the review finds something the Field Ref’s will get involved. Its not like every single play will be under  a  review….Yet.