Okay, let me get this out in front. I don't care about the whole replacement ref thing. Take them or leave them. Whatever. What makes me snicker is this "love" for the idle refs. Yeah, because no one ever blamed them for their teams losing. Because they were beloved, yeah, maybe in their own homes depending what game he was officiating and where the money was going. I'm not saying refs are crooked, but let's be serious, if you put a few sheckles on a game a ref's call could put you over the top or under the table.

I mean, the stats say these scabs are the same as the regular zebras. All must be good in America when you argue or debate which set of refs are "better" then the other. Truth is, they all are the same save some cosmetic differences.

This is just something to whine about. If you listed the lead ref from every crew and said vote for the best zebra the breakdown, save the pipes of Ed Hochuli, would be evenly divided.

Or think about it this way: if these fill in zebras had the same time in the NFL as the regular fellas wouldn't that mean, since the calls are about the same, that these fill ins would be superior in two years time?

Listen I recognize the short comings of these replacement zeebs. They take way, way, way too long to make a decision on some replays. Come on fellas, I have a train to catch in two days. Some of the rules are unknown to these nice tire salesman, lingerie refs, and grandfathers. But the regular policemen know all the rules? How about my favorite ever: ref Tripplet? He in just short order of time blew the coin toss in Pittsburgh vs Detroit then, and I thank him for it, called Vinny Testerverde in for a TD vs Seattle when he came up at least two yards shy. Too bad we didn't have replay to go over a coin flip.

Here is my point. These guys, for having no NFL training, have done a decent job and, honestly, the normal gents aren't that good to begin with. I asked my audience this today (Game on With Bruce Jacobs, Mon-Fri 3-7 p.m. on 104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio) are you going to give a standing ovation to the regular fellas when they come back and, if so, how long before you start booing and cursing these guys? I give it 5 plays!